We become weary for a variety of reasons, and I think of weary as having a different meaning than tired. We weary of war and the constant failure of our leaders to engage in civil discourse. We become weary when toll takes the place of rest, sickness of health, and when worldly trials thicken. Changes and chance prey on our desire for solidity and comfort. But if your heart stays fixed on God, no changes or chances can touch you, and all that may befall you is they will draw you closer to God’s rest.


Whatever the present moment may bring, knowledge and faith that it is his hand we can always reach out to will make whatever happens not only tolerable but welcome.

Originates In the Heart

Computers make it easy to write notes of congratulations or thank you’s.


But even because it is easy; notes, small acts of affection, necessary intercourse with someone who you have nothing in common can be or become a most sacred or blessed work. We may laugh at the nothingness it requires, but it may very well be the design of God for increased happiness.


God’s work is not always what we dream he cut out for us, but that which originates from the conscience or the heart is what is meant to be.



Belief In the Dark

Although I have heard Luis repeat the following phrase many times I doubt I will accurately quote him, but it goes something like this: “Believe as much as you can and as far as you can, and that is sufficient with God.” My apologies Luis.


A corollary is to be patient, pray, and do His will, according to your present strength and light and your soul will continue to grow. Most plants continue to grow and thrive in the mist and clouds as well as the sunshine. So does the spirit.

Slow To Anger

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; Proverbs 16:32


Being slow to anger is easier said than done, and note we are not told never to be angry, only slow to anger. There are some injustices that deserve our anger, God’s as well, but our anger is only productive if comes from a holy calm of the soul. To be moved by passion and reaction is not a show of strength. When our actions originate from a calm soul, heart, and mind we are closer to the perfect freedom.


Know that it is not difficult to live among others who are also calm and gentle, where everyone enjoys peace, and all agree with us. However it is a true test of grace to walk and talk in peace when we are surrounded by hard and perverse persons, who are disorderly and go contrary to us. It is during this ordeal we need to ask God to send his holy calm and let it settle in our soul.