I find that if I tell the truth, it gets me high every time. — Stephen Gaskin

Now I’m not sure that getting high is the best reason to tell the truth. But I do know when I listen to people talk, I know the truth when it is spoken, it has a ring to it. The truth might be hidden behind a few layers of lies, and sometimes you have to dig a little to find it, but you know beyond a doubt when you find it, because it turns everything bright, and everything becomes beautiful. That’s what truth is like when you discover it. Perhaps, that’s why Jesus said, “I am the truth and the light.”
As you begin this morning’s meditation concentrate on trying to live the truth and being it. Make your every action an expression of the truth.


There are times when we need to relax and appreciate. This morning I went for a walk in the park close to our house, and for some odd reason I sat down on a bench and thought to myself, “slow down, relax, appreciate the park, the trees, the ground that I was walking, on and the air that I was breathing.

To appreciate means “to put value into” —to make precious.
When we relax and make something precious like our surroundings, our neighbors, our loved ones, it is a form of reaching out to them, and before you know it they reach back. When you appreciate something you start to expand, your heart and soul grow large, and you start to tap into God’s spirit.
How do you know when you have tapped in to the holy spirit, when it reaches back.
Have a great weekend.


One very popular form of freedom is the freedom to do as one pleases: to sell ourselves to the highest bidder for our work, a home bigger than what we need, and weekends filled with afternoons in front of the TV and evenings of consumption.

Another form of freedom is to take care of ourselves, our families, and each other.
I recognize these are extremes and there are happy mediums, but as you meditate consider where you seek freedom now, and where you wish to find freedom in the future.


“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder.”  — Rumi

No, I didn’t find the Sufi mystic’s words in Danny’s bible, but I bet if she had run across Rumi, a lot of his poetry would have made its way into her Bible. However this quote was found in her Bible that reinforces our obligation to serve our fellow me and women:

“Service above self may not bring wealth, position, or power. It will write clearly the signature of the soul upon the face and contentment of the heart.”
In the mist of our existence there is much strife, petty ambition, and selfish desire. When we choose to be a lamp, a lifeboat, or a ladder, it is like a breath of fresh morning air sweeping down from the mountaintops into the valley and removing that mist. When we choose to be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder, on our faces the unmistakable characters of kindness, sacrifice, and love is written.