Traveling — Part 2

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

When one is young and still newly in love there is a lot of truth to this. Wisdom teaches us that as we get older  “Absence makes the heart cry louder.” It flat out doesn’t want to be separated from its companion.

Absence from God, through sin or simple lack of attention, makes one’s heart and soul cry out louder for God. The longer the relationship, the deeper the commitment one has with God, the louder the cries to reunite.

God gives a couple a window into his heart, when we feel and examine our own heart that is in a long-lasting, loving relationship. I may not know much, but I am fortunate enough to know what I am talking about in this regard.

Have a great weekend.


Today I return home to my boyhood home for the first book signings of my new novel, Ginger Snaps. Unlike the novel’s main character, Jack Patterson, my travel anxiety is not about returning home, its about the travel itself. I haven’t driven this far in a long, long time, but I also think it is something different. It is leaving my new home in Charlotte and Suzy. My rock and my foundation, and I think all of us get a little anxious when we stray far away from our foundation.

So to it is in our faith life. When we leave our home, when we leave our foundation, when we stray too far away from God our body, our heart, and our soul all sense anxiety. There is a disturbance in the “Force” one can’t explain, but is only calmed when we return.
We travel away from our homes, our rocks, for many reasons, but it always feel good when we return. When we stray from God there isn’t a good reason, but the return home is even more calming and comfortable.


Do not be like the horse or mule, which have no understanding…. Psalms 32-9.

Suzy accuses me of sometimes having a bull head or being stubborn like a mule. She is usually right in her assessment. I begin to think I know better than the laws of gravity, physical limitations, or common sense usually with disastrous results.
The material world often has the bull head as well. It often thinks its way is the only way even if it runs counter to God’s way. God’s way is full of compassion, grace, and love for one’s neighbor. God’s way is there to save us from ourselves and our bullheads.


At some point, at some time we are each called to act. Each call is different, sometimes we are confused about which path to take, but we know one thing it is time to act.
In Jeremiah 6:16 we are told “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it.”
When that time comes, and it always does, trust in God first and foremost. The right action will be revealed.